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An Active Rehab Program Helps You Recover from Your Injuries

Have you been struggling to get back to work or the recreational activities you enjoy? We have the expertise to safely help you manage pain while regaining the strength and confidence to move with ease.  Your active rehabilitation program is conducted by Practicing Kinesiologists who are recognized treatment providers with ICBC. 

Car Accident Injuries Makes it Difficult to Participate in Activities

We understand that after injury people need guidance to help improve their strength and mobility.  During an active rehabilitation program, your Kinesiologist with first complete a detailed assessment and then select exercises appropriate to your condition and abilities help you return to work, recreation or activities of daily living and continue to lead an independent and active life.

 Navigating the claims process while healing can be difficult and confusing.

The goal of our active rehabilitation programs are to make sure that you are able to focus on getting stronger and moving with less pain.   We want you to focus on your recovery.  Think of us as one of your advocates. We support you by communicating with your doctor, lawyer, claims adjuster and other healthcare professionals involved in your care.

Our Experience Working with Active Rehab and ICBC

Lifemoves has been an approved provider of active rehabilitation programs in Vancouver since 2007, while Alfred Ball has been working assisting clients with  recover from injuries sustained in car accidents since  2002.

How to Pay for Active Rehab

 With a Doctor's referral we can get  partial funding  and direct bill ICBC.  There is an additional client fee of $35 + taxes, payable at the time of each appointment which is often reimbursed as part of your settlement.

Get started today without an referral by paying privately before your active rehabilitation is approved by ICBC. Keep your receipts and forward them to ICBC.

6 Steps to Begin an Active Rehab Program

Our Kinesiologists have the skills and credentials to provide a guide and appropriate exercise therapy program. There are a few steps to getting started.

  1. Get a referral to a kinesiologist and active rehabilitation program from your family doctor
  2. Copy that referral several times. Give one copy to the ICBC adjuster, one copy to your lawyer (if involved) and one to us. Keep the original for your records.
  3. Call Lifemoves with the name of your adjuster, their contact details, your claim number and your lawyer’s contact info.
  4. We will contact the Lawyer on your behalf, and with their permission deal directly with ICBC.
  5. Once we have approval you will be booked for an assessment. The assessment helps us determine an approximate number of sessions you require. We make the recommendation.
  6. You are booked for your first session once we have approval. Now you can focus on your recovery and following the program we develop together.
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