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Weightlifting Racks Arrive in North Vancouver


On Thursday morning a truck arrived with the strength training racks, plyometric boxes and incline benches from UCS, apparently delivered from the Grapevine because the boxes were labelled Grapevine, Texas. The equipment weighed 1700lbs and was too long to unload using the small lift the delivery person had, so we had to breakdown the boxes and discover what was inside. David and I demonstrated a tremendous amount of teamwork to unpack the truck while being very aware of how we lifted so that we did not injure ourselves. An hour and half later everything was inside and the debris was in the recylcing bin.

Friday night a small crew that included one client, two Kinesiologists and two Personal Trainers and Sheila Hamilton owner of It’s TimeFitness Results put the finishing touches on North Vancouver’s premier fitness training facility.  A work party fuelled by sushi assembled the two strength training racks. It was like putting together a puzzle, a very heavy puzzle. These racks were custom ordered so that the pins would hold Olympic sized plates. The Olympic plates  are all the same diameter and can be dropped unlike most fitness gyms where all the plates are various diameters and cannot dropped.

We now have access to training weights (5kg) and bars (11 kg) as well as higher loads such as 25kg plates and 20kg bars.  We will be getting some lighter plates as well.   Now that the strength racks and plates are in place we have a greater capacity to teach clients how to execute a wide variety of strength and power lifts properly progressively. Having the proper tools enables our Kinesiologists to provide efficient, effective and progressive exercise therapy programs for our clients whether they are seeking to improve sports performance, enhance quality of life or wish to return to work.

Our team looks forward to helping more people get moving for life in this fantastic training and rehabilitation environment in North Vancouver. If you have been inspired by the 2012 Olympics to improve your fitness, then get lifting today by calling us at 604.283.1858 ext 1 to book a 30 min complimentary consultation.

Alfred Ball

CEO | Practicing Kinesiologist | Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist. He founded Lifemoves in 2007. He has been a Practicing Kinesiologist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the NSCA for over 15 years. When he isn't helping people regain their strength and confidence to move with ease he is hanging out with his wife and young son, writing, or training for his next endurance running race. His big audacious goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

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