Learn How to Manage and Prevent Chronic Diseases with Physical Activityy

Many people get into cycles of either doing too little physical activity or too much, which makes their condition worse.

With our guidance we will also help you understand how to monitor your progress while still pushing yourself. We ease the transition from treatment and/or rehabilitation into community based health and fitness programs.

Kinesiologists teach you how to progressively regain strength, increase your energy and move freely. We develop a program of exercise appropriate for your medical condition(s). 

Our medical fitness training programs are designed for clients who wish to manage and/or prevent chronic disease through appropriate physical activity. We have a private rehabilitation and personal training studio in North Vancouver that is welcoming and very different from any other large gym. 

Why Medical Fitness Training with a Kinesiologist at Lifemoves?

We are passionate about teaching people how their bodies moves so that they are able to continue to enjoy physically active lifestyles.

Watch the video to hear directly from our clients.

Your average personal trainer and weight room instructor does not have the knowledge to work with people with chronic diseases.  

Kinesiologists have the experience and education to understand how people interact within the environment and how each condition responds to exercise.

With the assistance of your physician and specialists we design fitness and lifestyle programs to help our clients manage clinically diagnosed chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s, arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid), diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cancer, fibromyalgia.

The benefits from Kinesiology I have received are relief from positional discomfort during my work day and after, an increase in strength and fitness and knowledge and confidence to exercise without injuring myself. In addition to these, kinesiology has assisted me in returning to other activities including tennis which had become difficult
Karen , Dentist, Shoulder Pain
I do thank you for helping me to move and build my strength to the point that I have faith and believe I can improve + maintain my mobility. I learned so much; a lot about myself. You are great teacher, focused, firm but kind. Now when I can walk up stairs many times / day (thanks to Alfred) I feel having strength to be useful.
Tellervo , Parkinson's and Osteoarthritis

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