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Active Rehabilitation

What is Active Rehabilitation?

Alfred, an experienced Kinesiologist works with other allied health care professionals to create a program of exercise to strengthen weak muscles and rebalance your body. Our philosophy is that your body is a linked, interconnected and reactive system which you can have positive influence on.

For example, a rotator cuff injury could be a result of something going on in the neck or instability in the shoulder joint or a chronic knee problem could be due to instability in the hips or ankle.

How to Get Started with Active Rehabilitation

Under our supervision, you will be taught how to complete each exercise in a proper and progressive manner to maximize your recovery and prevent re-injury. We also have a number of health care professionals to refer you to when we feel that you need further treatment outside of our skill set or scopes.

A complete history is taken during your initial assessment. This includes past injuries and surgeries which affect the way you move today.  We then complete some video analysis and other manual tests. Our goal is to determine the root of your injury instead of treating the symptom.

I was given proper instruction with weight machines I should be using and shown stretches to target a specific area. I visit the chiropractor less often and feel so much better
Kari , Chronic Lower-Back Pain Since MVA 1987

Who Benefits from Active Rehabilitation?

We help people enjoy an active life after total joint replacements, ACL surgeries, whiplash, back pain, sports injuries and injuries from motor vehicle accidents, falls and other trauma.

We develop an exercise therapy program that helps you transition from treatment (Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Massage Therapy) to your recreational activities or return you to work (RTW) quickly without injuring yourself further. With your effort and our expertise we make moving for life easier.

We accept ICBC and Disability Claims. Check with your indvidual extended health plans since some plans cover kinesiology under Paramedical Health (Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy).

Sports Injury Rehab

Return to sport. Recover from specific sports related injuries.

ICBC Active Rehab

Recover from car accident injuries. Directed billing to ICBC.