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Kinesiologist Changes Lives

Kinesiologists have positive impacts on our clients' lives which is rewarding. Kinesiologists change lives by guiding and coaching people with injuries and chronic diseases  to move with more strength, confidence and ease.

Kinesiologists evaluate human movement, human performance and learn how clients interact with their environments. We then provide exercise programs for people so that they greater durability to enjoy to enjoy life with more movement, less fatigue and less pain. 

Our clients have been able to return to work, be more active with their kids or grandchildren, get back to recreational activities like gardening and hiking as well as return to playing sports like soccer and tennis.

 Our clients learn to move differently which enables them to overcome their injuries, learn to prevent new ones and manage or prevent chronic diseases with physical activity. We assist clients with clinically documented medical conditions, musculoskeletal (soft-tissue) injuries and or disabilities to maintain active lifestyles and improve their physical fitness.

No more pain. I have more freedom of movement. I’ve regained the desire and the ability to get back into working out. I’m feeling like I can rely on my body to respond the way it needs to!
Brenda , Retired Professional Dancer

Why Clients Choose Lifemoves for Rehabilitation and Personal Training for People with Chronic Disease

Kinesiologists are part of your health care team. We are regulated health care professionals in Ontario. Kinesiologists work with other health care practitioners and you to create a comprehensive and meaningful treatment plan. Alfred is a Practicing Member of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists. 

Our clients want to maintain active lifestyles as they age while preventing further injuries or disabilities. Clients seek our expertise and personal attention to help them manage their medical conditions so that they can stay working, improve their physical fitness and continue to enjoy recreational pursuits.  Watch the video to hear from them directly.