Professional Standards and Policies | Lifemoves

Accountability to Our Professional Standards and Policies

Our professional standards and policies guide our client relationships, our expectations from clients as well as how Lifemoves is operated. The British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists governs some of these professional standards.  We also have our client policies


As professionals, we are morally and ethically bound to keep our clients’ information confidential. Any information will only be released on consent of our clients unless we must do so by the laws of British Columbia or Canada.


Each professional association has its own scope of practice and code of ethics. We are bound by these and the limits of our own knowledge. Each certification and registration also requires annual continuing education.

We act in the best interest of our clients and refer our clients to other health and medical practitioners when the appropriate care is outside of our own scope and expertise.

Our Core Commitments

Our core beliefs define our core commitments to our clients.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Each client is treated with respect and as an individual.
  • Each client’s health and lifestyle history are important to us.
  • Each client’s program helps them reduce pain, increase energy, increase vitality, move more freely, become more confident and able to pursue the physical activities, vocational and/or recreational, that they enjoy which all improve their quality of life.
  • Each client receives education to foster commitment and program adherence.
  • Each client is taught how to move differently to enhance their quality of life.
  • Each session is unique. What happens during each session depends on our client’s current health status and effort put forth.
  • Each Lifemoves® professional communicates and collaborates with other health professionals involved in the care of our client.
  • Each Lifemoves® professional pursues continuing education by reading industry journals, attending conferences and or workshops and collaborating with other health professionals.
  • Each Lifemoves® professional is fully committed to providing a high standard of care to each client and is focused on the client achieving results.
  • Each client will be referred to other professionals when we believe that they will benefit from treatment and/or guidance that is outside our scope of practice.