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What Our Clients Say About Lifemoves

Multiple Sclerosis

On Tuesday, I had a successful day after our session. I was able to do things that I haven’t been able to do for months. My morale has been boosted! First of all, I felt confident to walk unaided while going into a store and to do some shopping. Secondly, I made it up our front steps without grabbing the railing. I stood and made dinner without too much difficulty. Lastly, I started to drive again. And today, I felt stronger..
Melanie L , 2012

Fascial Stretch Therapy

After recent abdominal surgery, I resumed fascial stretch therapy once I was mobile. Over the past 3 months, FST has helped me to regain the mobility in my hips and core, enabling me to start rebuilding some core strength. I’ve found FST to be a fantastic method to help my muscles, tendons and ligaments to start working properly again.
Claire , Abdominal Surgery
I have never been stretched or stretched on my own the way that Alfred does during our Fascial Stretch Therapy Sessions. I use these sessions as part of my recovery because I am training hard as I work towards my dream of winning the Olympics for Skicross. With my goal, I know that I have to be very selective of who I work with. I’m so fortunate to have Alfred and Lifemoves on my team.

I use the stretchband to improve my recovery time so that I can get back out there and train ‘harder, better, faster’ than my competition. They really do work.

Sven W , Skicross

I have had heel spurs for several years that I didn’t know were impacting my skiing. I now have more freedom in my ankles so I can react more quickly to my competitors and the snow. The heel spurs are not as painful and are even softening. Thank you Alfred and Lifemoves for helping me become the best Ski Cross Racer in the World. I feel like I am working on specific goals/areas. I notice a difference in my body as a result of the stretch sessions and Alfred’s various stretching suggestions that I could do on my own at home or after a run.
Deborah , Heel Spurs
I have been working with Alfred for 4 months now. My skating coach Lorna Bauer found the Stretch to Win® program for me through Stephie Davis, in Alberta, who also has her Fascial Stretch Therapy™ certification.

Stephie referred me to Alfred. He has helped me become more flexible, and has also helped me stay free of injury as I train pretty intensely 5 days a week. I sought the assistance of a Lifemoves® Kinesiologist due to chronic back pain from a car accident in 1987. I feel so much better after the Fascial Stretch Therapy session. I normally visit a chiropractor every 3-4 weeks; I have made one visit to a chiropractor in the last four months.

Liam Firus , Chronic Back Pain, Canadian Jr Figure Skating Champion, Sochi 2015 Olympian
I was given proper instruction with weight machines I should be using and shown stretches to target a specific area.

Parkinson’s Disease

My husband referred me to Alfred, whom I found kind and considerate. The stretching sessions help reduce the pain and stiffness I have from Parkinson’s. It’s been 4 years since I wrote a testimonial in praise of Alfred. At that time, I had been with him for only a year, but the fact that we have been together for 4 more years is proof of my respect for him and what he has done for me. I am stronger now, have more stamina, and I’m in better physical shape than I was 4 years ago. His gentle, yet firm approach has not faltered throughout this time, and I consider him to be an essential part of my physical fitness program. He provides a boost to my own motivation when it’s needed and he provides a variety of exercises and an interesting approach to a good workout. I moved with him when he moved from his original location and I intend to stay with him – he’s stuck with me! I do thank you for helping me to move and build my strength to the point that I have faith and believe I can improve + maintain my mobility. I learned so much; a lot about myself. You are great teacher, focused, firm but kind. Now when I can walk up stairs many times / day (thanks to you) I feel having strength to be useful.
Margarita , Parkinson's Disease

Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis Arthritis

I feel taller, and I do have more energy. I thoroughly enjoy learning how to use the equipment, and have learned not to tell you that I find it easy, when I do you increase the weights. I am hoping that this training will equip me with the tools needed should I get another attack of arthritis, and if I do, I believe I will be stronger and more able to cope. I will also seek your help immediately.

I have quite a few sessions left but even when these are completed, I would hope to book more sessions as I believe a Kinesiologists’ knowledge will aid me for the future years. I enjoy Alfred’s sense of humour and am so happy I have you as my Kinesiologist.

Denise , Arthritis

Shoulder Rehabilitation

Shoulder Surgery

Andrea and Alfred, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve never felt so confident walking onto a rugby field before. Especially after these last 2 years where I knew I would have to compromise a lot of technique in order to make a tackle with a shitty shoulder. Whatever mental barrier was before me is now shattered in pieces behind me.

I have been absolutely killing it in the contact we’ve been doing. I’ve been laying out our second rows, getting the highest rankings on the one-on -one tackles, and I can’t even believe it.

I just wanted to write to tell that to you and Alfred. Thank you guys so much for everything, I knew it was getting strong, but I didn’t think it would be this good.

Beth M, Canadian National Women’s Rugby, CIS Champion , Shoulder Surgery, 2012

Rotator Cuff Injury

I contacted Lifemoves® due to rotator cuff problems and lack of feeling and numbness of the toes. I know Alfred spent time doing research into areas of my problems as he came up with specific exercises to deal with my problems. The symptoms of rotator cuff injury have been reduced by 90 percent following the prescribed exercises. The numbness in my feet persist, but the ball trigger point therapy do result in some relief. .
Joe V , Rotator Cuff Problems

I have been a client of Alfred Ball, Kinesiologist for approximately 4 years now. I originally wanted to work out with a personal trainer as I had on going shoulder problems which were not resolving and I did not want to just accept this. When I decided to begin with a trainer it was suggested that a Kinesiologist would be a good place to start.

He had the knowledge and experience to help me. During the earlier workout sessions Alfred guided and encouraged me towards my goal of a pain free shoulder while making the sessions fun. I feel good about working out with Alfred and appreciate his encouragement and experience during the sessions. Exercise is fun when you know what you are doing.

 Setting and achieving goals is a large part of this, and working out with Alfred is part of this process for me. I get great encouragement and motivation from our workout sessions; it actually is the shortest hour of the day.

Carolynn , Shoulder Problem

Frozen Shoulder

I was referred to Alfred by my wife, a Pilates client of his since 2005. In less than five months, the stretches and exercises have thawed my frozen shoulder and increased my mobility and strength. I am also noticing better tone and appearance.
Tom , Frozen Shoulder, 2005

Total Joint Replacements – Hips, Knees and Shoulders

I had a total knee replacement done 10 years previously by Dr. Sabiston and it has proved to be very satisfactory. The other knee had undergone several orthroscopic surgeries and menisectomies over the years and there was no cartilage left, the lower leg was angling inwards progressively and there was a lot of pain and loss of control, along with wasting of the quadriceps. In April of 2010, I had the total knee replacement and felt I needed a comprehensive program to rehabilitate the whole leg, along with ancillary problems in the lower back.

I run a shipping brokerage company from my home. The work was essentially sedentary. I play a few rounds of golf each year, otherwise tried to walk at least 30 minutes per day, as well as occasional soccer with grandchildren, and working around house and cabin.

Kinesiology sessions assisted me with managing pain and staying active by systematically increasing weights and resistance during the period after operation. Back pain virtually disappeared and the knee became several times stronger to the point where no pain was involved and I could (can) walk stairs easily and without pain.

Each session is excellent. I have continued seeing him periodically, mainly regarding posture and balance improvement.

John , Total Knee Replacement,2010

Alfred Ball was very knowledgeable especially since I was recovering from hip surgery. He has a very caring way about making sure that I did not go beyond my limits during this recovery time. I would certainly recommend him. I sought the help of a Kinesiologist at the suggestion of my physiotherapist to help me return to Golf and strength from a hip replacement and Golfer’s Elbow. I found his instructions to be very good. My strength improved quicker than expected with the weight training.
Joanne , Hip Surgery

Active Aging

My fitness goal is to be as healthy as possible all things considered. I lead an active life with 4 group walks, several hours of line dancing and 9-27 holes of golf per week. My challenge continues to be adding at least two hours of strength training per week to round out my program. Biweekly sessions with Alfred provide me with written programs which I can use either at the gym, while travelling or at home. The appointments keep me on the straight and narrow. He’s patient and encouraging while pushing my limits.
Leslie, 76 years old