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Return to Play Faster without Fear of Reinjury

What is Sports Injury Rehabilitation?

A properly progressed sports injury rehabilitation program will help you return to play faster without re-injuring yourself further.

Kinesiologists are able to understand both the physiological and biomechanical demands of sports. We will take you from physiotherapy discharge right through to a sports specific conditioning and movement education program.

Sports Injuries Treated

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Back Injuries
  • Shoulder Dislocations and Surgeries
  • MCL and Mensicus
  • Muscle Strains
  • Labrum Surgeries (hip and shoulder)
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • and more...

Sports Our Clients Participate In

  • College & University – Soccer
  • College & University – Rugby
  • National Team – Rugby
  • National Team – Figure Skating
  • National Team – Skicross
  • Tennis, Golf, Hiking, Running, Downhill Skiing, Hockey
  • Triathlon