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Client Policies

Alfred is now part of multidisciplinary health care teams in Burnaby. Each clinic has their own policies which they follow. The policies set-out below are if you are paying for your sessions directly to Lifemoves.

Session Payments

Payments are made in Canadian Dollars for VISA, Debit, American Express, Master Card, Cheque.

Receipts are issued via email unless specifically requested. If you need something more detailed for an extended health plan please get a Physician’s referral before your first session and let us know in advance.

All sessions are on a pre-pay package basis. Frequency and number of sessions is determined by you and the Kinesiologist during the consultation, assessments and on recurring basis. A minimum of one session per week is recommended for best results.

Statements can be requested or viewed on client portal.

Insurance and Disability Claim Referrals

If you have an open Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) or a disability claim sessions can either be paid privately or by the insurance provider.

When contacting us for an assessment please have the following information ready:

  1. A referral from your family Doctor for Kinesiology sessions specific to your condition.
  2. If applicable, Personal Injury Lawyer’s contact information.
  3. If possible, prior approval for sessions.
  4. Claim & Policy Number along with the Case Manager/Claims Adjuster’s name and contact information.
  5. Contact information of all other Health Professionals involved in your recovery (e.g. Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, etc.). With your permission we contact them for further information on your condition such as the nature of your injury, any restrictions or limitations and a what they recommend.

Session Refunds and Transfers

Session refunds are considered on an individual basis and only for the unused sessions and within the expiration date. Unused sessions can be transferred if it is done prior to the expiration date which is a minimum of 12 months from date of purchase.

Session Cancellations

All sessions are booked and reserved in advance on your behalf. We require a minimum of 24hrs notice or you will forfeit the session. Doing so gives us the ability book another client into your session time.

Email or Text Message Reminders We now have email and/or text message reminders. Reminders are sent two days before your session using a no-reply address.  

Illness or Injury We understand that unforeseen injuries and illnesses do occur. However, please make an effort to give us as much notice as you can. For example, if you are feeling unwell the day before your session please give your Kinesiologist a call the day before if you are feeling ill and unsure if you will make it for your session.

Session Rates and Program Fees

Our rates and program fees are subject to change. Rates are adjusted based on individual client demand, the added value continuing education our Kinesiologists have attend during that year provides to the sessions and current inflation.

Session Expiration

Session Package expiration dates are 365 days from the first session held. We have expiration dates to maximize the benefit of the sessions. Expiration dates are based on a minimum of bi-weekly sessions and to take into consideration any possible travel due to business or vacations.

* Expiration dates can be extended by prior agreement with your Kinesiologist and on an individual basis with extenuating circumstances.