Occupational Rehabilitation for Return to Work | Lifemoves

Return to Work After
Injury Or Ilness

Our occupational rehabilitation programs require referral from a Rehabilitation Manager or Disability Case Manager. We get referrals from health benefit providers including Sun Life Financial, Manulife and Great West Life who seek our assistance to help their clients on long term disability return to work when previous graduated return to work plans have failed. These clients often need personal attention.

We combine several of our treatment services including Fascial Stretch Therapy, Medical Fitness Training, Active Rehabilitation and when needed Aquatic Rehabilitation depending on the needs and motivational style of each worker. We are also capable of conducting functional capacity evaluations or ergonomic assessments.

Clients return to work successfully because our focus is to deliver individualized services which make the worker more durable and more confident prior to returning to work. Our approach is to continuously educate clients about their condition as well as how to manage it during the graduated return to work (GRTW) program, during recreation and during activities of daily living (ADL’s).

Sessions are designed around their current health conditions and include general fitness as well as their job’s demands.