Move with Strength,
Confidence and Ease

Experienced Burnaby Kinesiologist 

Alfred has been guiding and empowering people with injuries and chronic disease for over 20 years as a Kinesiologist, Fascial Stretch Therapist and Pilates Instructor. 

Kinesiologists are members of your healthcare team.  We receive referrals from and work closely with other medical and allied health professionals.

Receive Focused Attention

Your kinesiology sessions are one-on-one with a skilled, educated Kinesiologist whose focus is helping you recover, understand your exercise program and reach your health, fitness and rehabilitation goals.

Passionate About Movement

He is passionate about teaching people how their bodies move and interact within their environment. Alfred will encourage you, provide an exercise program and help you learn about your condition so that you can move with less pain, more joy and greater ease.  

Alfred gets excited when clients reach their goals, big or small.  He celebrates when clients are able to return to work, get back to a sport they enjoy, participate more with their families or take care of themselves with less pain.

Kinesiology and Fascial Stretch Therapy in North Burnaby

Alfred is now available for in-person Kinesiology and Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions at Capitol Hill Athletics near Hastings St and Holdom Ave in North Burnaby.

Why Choose Kinesiology?

  • You want to maintain active lifestyles while improving your physical fitness and well-being.
  • You have clinically documented medical conditions, such as musculoskeletal (soft-tissue) or orthopaedic (bony) injuries/surgeries, metabolic disorders, neuromuscular diseases and mental illnesses.
  • You seek  guidance to assist with regaining a sense of who you are and how you move in your body.
  • You Are Referred to kinesiology by your family doctor, specialist physicians and other health care providers to help you reach the next level of your recovery.
  •  You receive online access to your exercise programs and client records.
  • You appreciate that we value their entire health and physical activity history including diseases, injuries and surgeries.  Your life story has brought you here today.

Discover How Kinesiology Helps You Regain Movement Confidence

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Improve mobility to reduce pain with specialized assisted stretching.

Clinical Pilates

Private Reformer and Mat Pilates for Injury Rehab

Medical Fitness Training

Personal Training for clients chronic diseases and/or disabilites

Active Rehabilitation

Recover from a sports, life or car accident injury.

 ICBC Claims Direct Billed.

What Our Clients Say About Kinesiology

Alfred brought new awareness to my posture – sitting, standing, laying for sleep, walking and moving. This and also awareness around how I could breathe differently during all that I would do in a day improved my quality of life immensely.  I discovered a path that offers a level of physical and mental support that I look forward to and am excited to have in my life again.
Brenda , Retired Professional Dancer
With the added complication of cognitive deficit and reduced messaging signals to my muscles, it is critical for me to focus on verbal instruction and physical cues. A quiet space with the necessary equipment allows you to focus and leave the session with a much clearer physical and mental picture of what you will be doing at home.
James , Neck and Spine Injury
The benefits from Kinesiology I have received are relief from positional discomfort during my work day and after, an increase in strength and fitness and knowledge and confidence to exercise without injuring myself. In addition to these, kinesiology has assisted me in returning to other activities including tennis which had become difficult
Karen , Dentist

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