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Accelerate Hip Replacement Rehab with Pre-Surgery Exercise
Doctors often recommend a hip replacement rehab program for after surgery, but have you considered participating in one before? A pre-surgery hip replacement program can speed up your recovery, reduce your risk of needing inpatient physiotherapy and minimize muscle and strength losses.
5 Quick Golf Warm-Up Activities to Liven Up Your Game
When you are pressed for time, this 5-10 minute series of dynamic stretches will help you warm-up for golf. Dynamic stretching gets you limber and your golf swing feeling free before you hit the first tee.
How to Take Infrared Therapy on the Road with Comfort
You've probably already heard that far-infrared therapy saunas benefit those with chronic health conditions, but do you know that you can have similar results anywhere you travel? FIRMA Energy has a line of compression wear and far-infrared therapy clothing that integrates far-infrared (FIR) technology directly into the weave of the fabric. This enables you to leave the sauna at home while you're on the road.
5 Life Uplifting Reasons to Hike the Grouse Grind
The Grouse Grind is an iconic Vancouver hiking challenge. Getting to the top can be daunting, yet cresting over the top to see the stairs of the resort building is exhilarating and relieving. There are several other reasons to take on this trail.
6 Things You Need to Know to Crush the Grouse Grind
Do you do the Grind always hoping to reach a new personal best, but find that you are stuck at a plateau? There are usually two main reasons you are staying at the same level. Firstly, your body and your mind are no longer challenged. Secondly, you are fatigued. To power through this plateau we suggests you try these 6 steps.
5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Painful Osteoporotic Fractures
According to Osteoporosis Canada, fractures from osteoporosis are more common than heart attack, stroke and breast cancer combined. Popular belief is that women are primary sufferers of osteoporosis, however both men and women, of all ages, are susceptible. Over a period of time bone becomes thin and porous, which exponentially increases the risk of fracture.

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