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Why Get Kinesiologists to Fill Exercise Prescriptions

Last Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Has your doctor discussed your lifestyle with you to treat or manage a chronic medical condition? Did you leave with an exercise prescription and the advice to be more active?

Physical inactivity is a modifiable disease risk factor. Increasing physical activity is a well-known method to prevent and manage many non-communicable diseases. In 2016, the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine released a position statement to give physicians evidence-based guidelines to prescribe physical activity (PA).  

Many Canadians do not meet the current guidelines of 150 minutes of weekly moderate activity.  Doctors in B.C. have had access to prescription pads for exercise since 2014. These pads are meant to be used to encourage their patients to become more active. Kinesiologists are capable of filling these prescriptions with an exercise rehabilitation program. 

Why Exercise Prescriptions Fail

Those who get advice to be more physically active often leave their Doctor's office feeling lost. They don't know where to go or how to start. 

Kinesiologists can replace the generic advice of “be more active” with more specific prescriptive and individualized advice”

Some spin their wheels by not taking action. Others leave the gym they recently signed up for feeling frustrated and discouraged. This is often because they don't know what the recommended exercises are for their condition. 

People may seek the help of a Personal Trainer before hiring a Kinesiologist. Clients make the switch because their condition worsens. They learn the trainer doesn't understand their injury or disease.

Keep in mind, a Personal Trainer scope's of practice is training a healthy population. This means  those with no known diseases or injuries. Learn more about the differences between  Kinesiologists and Personal Trainers.

Why Seek the Expertise of a Kinesiologist

A Kinesiologist is part of your health care team. We have the education and experience to help people with chronic diseases and injuries become more active.

Stop Feeling Lost When Told to Be More Active by a Doctor

Kinesiologists replace the generic advice of "be more active" with more specific prescriptive and individualized advice.  Alex Allan, a Registered Kinesiologist in Ontario gives some excellent examples in his article in the Globe and Mail, "Exercise as medicine can help treat chronic diseases if done properly".

Our education begins with a four-year degree in the study of human movement. We take courses in human anatomy, physiology, biomachancis, pyschology, motor learning, and biomechanics.  Many of us have additional certifications related to our area of specialty. We are also required to have a minimum of twenty hours of continuing education per year. 

Our role is to understand how physical activity impacts our health. We comprehend how humans interact with our enviroment. Kinesiologists know prescribe exercise for people with verious medical conditions.

We fill each exercise prescription after an assessment and health history. Each exercise rehabiltiation program includes the frequency, intensity, type and time (duration).

Kinesiologists can develop, guide and progress appropriate physical activity programs for people with chronic diseases such as, but not to limited osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and Parkinson's disease.  

Stop feeling lost when your Doctor tells you to be more active. #Kinesiologists have the expertise to fill exercise prescriptions from Doctors. #exerciseasmedicine #chronicpain #rehabilitation

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Is Kinesiology Covered by Health Benefits?

While the number of health benefits plans covering Kinesiology is growing, many still don't. An alternative is a Physiotherapy directed Kinesiology program. A Physiotherapist makes the initial assessment. Then the Kinesiologist conducts the exercise program. Clients are re-evaluated by the Physiotherapist every six to eight weeks. 

Disability managers refer to Kinesiologists during the last phase of a Graduated Return to Work Plan. This is when clients need help to gain more endurance, strength and mobility for their job.

In British Columbia, anyone injured in a car accident has twelve kinesiology visits pre-approved by ICBC. Several years ago this was called active rehabilitation

How to Find a Kinesiologist in British Columbia

In British Columbia Kinesiologists are members of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists. Use the Find a Kinesiologist tool to find someone in your area with the experience your need.

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