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Doctors of B.C. Can Prescribe Exercise as Medicine

Doctor Prescribing Exercise

Last year we sent out postcards to doctors in West Vancouver and North Vancouver with the headline Exercise is Medicine with the goal of encouraging doctors to prescribe kinesiology. A couple of doctors called us to us find out more and agreed. 

In 2014,  we followed up with another postcard campaign to Prescribe Kinesiology. We have also gone to several doctors’ offices to conduct luncheons, just like the pharmaceutical companies have done for years to ask that they prescribe exercise and refer to kinesiologists and Lifemoves. The Doctors of B.C., formerly the British Columbia Medical Association, is now formally agreeing that exercise is medicine!

One of our clients let us know that this news was prominent in the Vancouver Sun on March 26, 2014. Pamela Fayerman gave me permission to share that:

New Prescription Pads Enable Doctors to Prescribe Physical Activity

Article Excerpt: Doctors across B.C. are now taking delivery of new prescription pads to use for their less-active patients as part of a new health promotion program sponsored by Doctors of B.C. (formerly the B.C. Medical Association). The program is called Exercise is Medicine.

" As we all know, doctors know how to prescribe pills, but there’s no pill that can do all the things that physical activity does"  says Dr. Ron Wilson, referring to studies which have shown that those who exercise are less likely to die of various types of cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. They also have better mobility as they age, less fractures and improved quality of life... read the full Vancouver Sun Article

Kinesiologists Fill Exercise Prescriptions from Doctors

This news is very exciting for kinesiology. In April 2013, Ontario kinesiologists became a regulated health care profession. Over the last fourteen years we have gained more recognition for our role in health care. Our four year degree sets us up to help people fill these prescriptions. Many clients have come to me seeking guidance after their doctors prescribed exercise, but weren’t given any further information. Also, if you have been in a motor vehicle accident ICBC, will only approve active rehab programs provided by Practicing Kinesiologists.

Did you know that New Zealand has been doing this since 2003 and has seen a 10% increase in adult physical activity?

Does your Doctor know you see a Kinesiologist? We need your help in spreading the word. If you are a Lifemoves client please grab some of our information on your next visit and drop it off at your doctor’s office. If not, we are happy to fill your prescription.

Would your Doctor's authority motivate you to get moving for life?

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