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5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Painful Osteoporosis Fractures

Eldery Womam Doing Tai Chi for Balance Training

According to Osteoporosis Canada, fractures from osteoporosis are more common than heart attack, stroke and breast cancer combined. Popular belief is that women are primary sufferers of osteoporosis, however both men and women, of all ages, are susceptible. Over a period of time bone becomes thin and porous, which exponentially increases the risk of fracture.

How to Take Infrared Therapy on the Road with Comfort

FIRMA Wear Examples Walking on Trail

You’ve probably already heard that far-infrared therapy saunas benefit those with chronic health conditions, but do you know that you can have similar results anywhere you travel? FIRMA Energy has a line of compression wear and far-infrared therapy clothing that integrates far-infrared (FIR) technology directly into the weave of the fabric. This enables you to leave the sauna at home while you’re on the road.

Why Change the Conversation on Disabilities to Abilities?

Senior Wheelchair Facing Stairs

The topic of disabilities and inclusiveness has been important to me since I worked at a home for adults with cognitive disabilities after graduating from university. This passion grew further in 2000 when I participated in an “Adapted Physical Activities” course at the University of British Columbia that was part of non-degree work post graduating […]

Keep the Goal the Goal

Keeping the Goal the Goal:  Lessons from the 2014 Vancouver NSCA ConferenceNational Strength and Conditioning Association held their provincial clinic last weekend at the inspirational Richmond Oval site of the 2010 Olympic Speedskating events. The packed house was eager to absorb the wisdom of top level professionals without having to travel to somewhere else such […]

Doctors of B.C. Can Prescribe Exercise as Medicine

Doctor Prescribing Exercise

Last year we sent out postcards to doctors in West Vancouver and North Vancouver with the headline Exercise is Medicine with the goal of encouraging doctors to prescribe kinesiology. A couple of doctors called us to us find out more and agreed.   In 2014,  we followed up with another postcard campaign to Prescribe Kinesiology. We have also […]

Water’s Powerful Affect on Muscle Function or Dysfunction

Fist Through Water

Water is a powerful substance that can be both healing and destructive. Water is an abundent substance that we can’t live without. Ever wondered why we are told to keep hydrated? To learn more about water’s role in muscle function and dysfunction I attended Dr. Gerald Pollack’s thought provoking seminar Skeletal Muscle Molecular Mechanics and […]

Lifemoves Goes to Hellth

March 30, 2015 – Lifemoves opened its own studio at suite 201, 130 Pemberton Ave We are very excited to have found a new home and community where we will continue to do what we love to do – help you lead a more active and healthier life! Our new home is filled with wonderous […]

Why Movement is Medicine We All Need

Group Stretching

Would you take a medication that would significantly reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol and stress as well as improve your cardiorespiratory and immune system, ultimately lowering your chances of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes? What if this medication was free and had very view negative side effects which many medications do? I am talking about the […]

5 Ways to Prevent Injuries on the Ski Hill 

ski injjury downhill first aid

According to new data released by the Canadian Institution of Health Information (CIHI), Skiing and Snowboarding injuries are now twice as frequent as those seen in hockey. Injuries commonly seen on the slopes are muscle strains, ligamentous sprains, joint dislocations and fractures. The good news is that the majority of these injuries are avoidable! The sight […]

How to Stay Active if You Have Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Carrying Tick

Learning how to stay active with Lyme disease can often be frustrating and confusing. Lyme Disease is a chronic and debilitating illness. The appropriate activity stimulates muscle and nerve regeneration but also to moves bacteria trapped in the brain and heart into the bloodstream where it can be destroyed by the immune system. However, doing too much can leave you feeling more fatigued and discouraged.

44 777 Feet Climbed for BC Children

The Grind for Kids® is a North Vancouver based fundraising initiative that is in its third year; this year we all climbing to raise funds for a new cardiology section of the BC Children’s Hospital.  It was really nice to have one of my favourite summer activities, the Grouse Grind® open early this season. This […]

50 Grouse Grinds for Kids

This year the Grouse Grind opened surprisingly early. Climbing up this North Vancouver landmark is something that I look forward to every year. Last year I honoured one of Lifemoves clients who passed away, but also enjoyed the mountain’s physical challenge,  by reaching my 100th ascent. In 2012, I am again striving to raise money […]

Help Others Get Moving for Life

Help Others Get Moving for Life Did you know that this blog was nominated by Best Health for a blog award in 2012? We are back in 2023 working on some great content to empower you to reach your health, fitness and rehabilitation goals. We appreciate all our readers. Can you help us by sharing […]

Sports Injury Specialist Joins Lifemoves

We are excited to welcome Andrea Brennan to the Lifemoves family. Some of our clients have already met Andrea who has additional skills in Kinesio Taping and trigger point therapy which are great additions to therapeutic exercise programs. About Andrea She graduated from Dublin City University in 2009 with a BSc. in Athletic Therapy and […]

Paying Tribute to a Client Who Loved the Grind

Today I competed in my third BMO Grouse Grind Mountain Run© in honour of a Lifemoves© client, Barbara who passed away this year. Barb exemplified Lifemoves©’ philosophy of keeping active despite a medical condition or disability. She overcame many mountains during her life after suffering a brain aneurism of 20 years ago that made being […]

Lifemoves Attends Gathering of the Minds

On Friday September 3rd Alfred attended a think tank meeting hosted by Carmen Bott of Human Motion, who is now the provincial director for the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Most of the twenty five plus professionals hold one of the NSCA’s conditioning designations, Personal Training (PT) or Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Alfred […]

Exercise Physiologist Sarah Weller Adds Depth

Update 1/28/2017 Sarah Weller is no longer working at Lifemoves. Lifemoves Health and Rehabilitation is excited to announce experienced Practicing Kinesiologist Sarah Weller has joined Lifemoves. Sarah is originally from Australia and has over six years of experience developing exercise therapy programs for clients with a diverse range of clients with musculoskeletal disorders as well […]

Alfred to Speak About Chronic Pain at Vancouver Wellness Show

Alfred has the honour of speaking at the 19th Annual Wellness show taking place February 18th-20th . Breathing to Reduce Stress and Relieve Chronic Pain: Chronic pain and stress heighten our nervous system response and muscle tension. Alfred will share a few easy breathing techniques to calm your mind, reduce muscle tension and relieve chronic […]

Leah Leads Team on Ride to Conquer Cancer

Lifemoves Health and Rehabilitation has enrolled and team in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the ride, it is a two day journey from Vancouver to Seattle. Participants ride approximately 120 km per day, averaging about 8 hours a day. It will be a huge challenge, but […]

3 Ways to Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

Staying balanced means staying rooted on our feet. Previously, we’ve written about why our balance changes as we age, we now explore several fun ways to improve your balance and prevent falls within your resistance training routine. Resistance training is not only important to maintain muscular strength, but is also important to maintain brain to muscle […]

2010 Christmas and New Year’s Message

2011 is going to be the year of being “unstuck” (more about this later in future posts). Watch the video for our first video message. Let us know what you think and what you would like to see in future videos. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas with friends, family and loved ones. […]

Getting Holiday Fit – Grouse Grind Training

As a health professional I often hear people let their fitness programs slide as the indulgences of the season increase, then are making up lost time four weeks later once they start their resolutions. It is pretty easy to maintain your fitness during the holidays. Today, despite the holidays and it being the last weekend […]

Nominate Get Moving for Life for Best Health Blog Awards

We started this blog in June, 2009 and have since written over 50 articles on diverse topics about health, rehabilitation, staying active with chronic medical conditions and disability management. Our blog is part of Lifemoves®’ efforts to educate and communicate with the public about issues that concern them about staying moving for life. Thank you […]

Lifemoves® Receives Kudos for Get Moving for Life Blog

Educating the public about health, rehabilitation and disability management is something that is an important part of Lifemoves® and my philosophy as a Kinesiologist. One way we have been doing this is through our blog – Get Moving for Life™. Recently our efforts were recognized by the editors of Best Health Magazine, a Canadian health […]

Is Your Gym Exercise Contributing to Lower-Back Pain?

Senior Man Stretching After Run Sun

The leg press, seated row, lat-pulldown, seated leg curl and shoulder press have been favourite exercises of thousands of gym enthusiasts for many years. However, when done improperly they can lead to lower-back pain. Lower-back pain is a common complaint which has many different origins including exercise error. Repetitive poor lifting habits are often one of […]

Kinesiologist Idea Storms at Can-Fit Pro 2010

Can-Fit Pro Vancouver 2010 was hosted this year at the beautiful Vancouver Convention Center overlooking the snowy North Shore Mountains. Lifemoves® Kinesiologists believe that continuing education is an important part of maintaining high professional standards while enabling us to bring the most current information to our sessions with our rehabilitation clients. Every year the Canadian […]