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Kinesiologists Help You Move With Less Pain and Greater Ease

Lifemoves’ Kinesiologists are passionate about teaching people how their bodies move within their environment. We empower our clients so that they can move more easily without feeling as if they will re-injure themselves or do more harm.

We have several kinesiology programs to help you get back to being more active return or return to work. Our clients have clinically documented medical conditions, such as musculoskeletal (soft-tissue) or orthopaedic (bony) injuries/surgeries, metabolic disorders, neuromuscular diseases and mental illnesses. They want to maintain active lifestyles while improving their physical fitness and well-being.

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[portfolio1 title=”Why Choose Lifemoves® Kinesiology?” items=”5″ set_id=”testimonial-videos” pause_time=”15″]Hear directly why our clients choose kinesiology to assist them with their health, fitness and rehabilitation needs. Get to know their stories and learn how working with a Practicing Kinesiologist helps them Get Moving for Life™!


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