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Social Media Connects Lifemoves to the Community

Lifemoves Health & Rehabilitation has been exploring the use of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletter and our blogs to deliver our message that physical activity is important in maintaining your health and preventing diseases. These mediums are also useful to improve our brand awareness and promote our services and new product availability.

We would like you, our audience to discuss your success, struggles and ideas about health, fitness, lifestyle, injury management and disability management with us. To join us you can be a client, a friend, family member of a client, an Allied Health Professional, an organization or anyone concerned about keeping people moving for life.

We are finding Twitter a great way to connect with and get know many different people throughout the world. It reminds me of the song lyrics, “it’s a small, small world after all.” We are looking forward to sharing ideas, information, pictures and videos in the near future. It is really quite fun; we are learning the social etiquette as we go.

Please join us:

We look forward to getting to know you!

Alfred Ball

President | Founder | Kinesiologist​

Alfred Ball

Practicing Kinesiologist | Certified Fascia Stretch Therapist | Clinical Pilates Instructor. Alfred has been a Kinesiologist since 1999. He started Lifemoves in 2007 to provide exercise therapy and fitness programs for people with injuries, chronic diseases and disabilities. His focus as a Kinesiologist is to empower and to guide people to learn to move with more strength, confidence and ease. He is an avid Lego and Star Wars fan. His other hobbires include writing, playing board games and being active outdoors.

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