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Can a Mouth Guard Improve Athletic Performance?

Our body is an interconnected and reactive system. Poor alignment in one joint, such as the left shoulder, will create an opposite and equal reaction, usually in the right hip, so that we remain balanced – even though this is not optimal alignment for proper function. How can we easily make the shift back?

Neuro-muscular dentistry has designed a mouth guard to put the jaw in proper alignment in order for our entire body to reach its optimal performance state. This notion was originally used to treat TMJ and sleep apnea, but recently has found new benefits to improve athletic performance. But just how does a mouth guard help your game?

The Makkar Pure Power Mouthguard™ has been shown to improve posture, strength, range of motion, power and balance. All this from a mouth guard? You got it! This new optimal state that your jaw is in with the mouth guard has more efficient neuromuscular functioning, as well as opening up your airway to enhance oxygen flow. There have been numerous double-blind studies to support these findings, and have enough research to back up that vertical jump height was significantly higher while wearing the mouth guard, and during Wingate testing, there was greater peak power as well as average mean power during intervals.

So, how does a mouth guard improve athletic performance? With the jaw properly aligned, the muscles of the neck, jaw and face are at their most productive state, which also happens to be the most restful. Neuromuscular dentists use TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to relax your jaw. They make the mouth guard to suit your jaw based on this position.

Many athletes wear these mouth guards. It serves multiple purposes by protecting the teeth, helping prevent concussions, as well as producing this optimal state. It is not only popular among those who play contact sports, but many golfers have also been known to wear these mouth guards to add more power to their shot. Sport icons Shaquille O’Neil and Terrell Owens also have their own signature series.

Did a mouth guard give the New Orleans Saints and advantage over their competition? The 2009 Super bowl champions were fitted for these mouth guards, them to a 13-3 seasons on their way to the Super bowl.   Keep in mind they were the only team in the NFL to have these mouth guards!

Do you think it played a role in their success?


Note: This is for informational purposes only. We are not endorsing this device.

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