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BC Ministry of Health Recognizes Value of Kinesiologists

The B.C. Ministry of Health and the B.C. Medical Association has recognized Kinesiologists as part of the rehabilitation puzzle. We have been included in an initiative that they have been working on as joint venture with the the General Practice Services Committee and HealthLink BC to make it easier and more timely for healthcare professionals and their assistants to provide patients with appropriate referrals. The database they have been working is called the Community Healthcare and Resource Directory (CHARD).

In 2010, Lifemoves® Health and Rehabilitation was contacted by HealthLink to provide information about our services and our providers even before our professional association, the BC Association of Kinesiologists was. As Kinesiologists we are proud to be recognized as healthcare professionals and part of this online resource.

When asked about this new program and why were invited it was because they thought that our company’s programs met their stringent requirements. Last week we finally received our login credentials to CHARD so that we are able to update our information.

What is CHARD?

“The British Columbia Medical Association and the Ministry of Health Services, as members of the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC), along with HealthLink BC, have committed to improving the patient referral process by creating a Community Healthcare and Resource Directory (CHARD) focused initially on mental health and addictions. This is a free, secure, web-based service enabling physicians and other select practitioners to find detailed information on healthcare specialists and resources. CHARD is built on existing services offered by HealthLink BC.” CHARD Website


What is Next?

At Lifemoves® one of our core values is education. Firstly, we are working diligently at creating opportunities to provide educational talks and documentation about Kinesiology to medical and healthcare professionals, the general public and other referral sources such as Law firms. Our goal is to help them understand the positive impact we have on our clients’ lives.Secondly, we are examining our processes to make it easier for people to be brought on board as clients, stay clients and refer new clients to us. CHARD includes sections on who our typical clients are, what our services are and how to best refer to us. The referral section that will include a digital referral pad.We are also very excited to be conducting an in service in December for Lions Gate Hospital’s Rehabilitation department on the topic of how Kinesiology services fits in the rehabilitation process.

If you would like us to present to your organization please call Alfred at 604.568.5484 


Alfred Ball

Practicing Kinesiologist | Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist | Clinical Pilates Instructor. He has worked in the health, fitness and rehabilitation industry for over 20 years. Alfred started Lifemoves in 2007 to provide exercise therapy and fitness programs for people with injuries, chronic diseases and disabilities. His focus as a Kinesiologist is to empower and to guide people to learn to move with more strength, confidence and ease.

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