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How to Take Infrared Therapy on the Road with Comfort

FIRMA Wear Examples Walking on Trail

You've probably already heard that far-infrared therapy saunas benefit those with chronic health conditions, but do you know that you can have similar results anywhere you travel? FIRMA Energy has a line of compression wear and far-infrared therapy clothing that integrates far-infrared (FIR) technology directly into the weave of the fabric. This enables you to leave the sauna at home while you're on the road.

How Does Far-Infrared Clothing Work?

FIRMA Energywear is  therapy apparel and activewear apparel that takes advantage of the contact between your skin and the fabric. It is an entirely physical process that does not require any chemical action. The fabric's mechanism begins begins by absorbing the infrared waves released by the body which then are re-emit the absorbed resonance as "far-infrared" waves or FIR back to the skin. 

"FIR interacts directly with the skin and it's surrounding tissues. Leading to an improvement in thermoregulation (maintenance of internal and external body temperature) and microcirculation (circulation of blood in the body smallest blood vessels). FIR waves can penetrate the human body and promote vasodilation and muscle stimulation to a depth of 5cm," FIRMA Energy Wear. 
FIRMA Skin Interaction

How FIRMA wear interacts with the skin.  Image: FIRMA Energywear, used with permission.

Health Benefits of Far-Infrared Therapy

In a 2006 study, Gale et al. found that pain levels were reduced from 6 out of 10 to 3.9 out of 10 for people with chronic lower-back pain who wore an infrared waist belt. Far-infrared is known also known to help reduce inflammation, improve wound healing and assist those with diabetes.

Other "previous studies have shown that far-infrared radiation produces thermal and non-thermal effects, such as increasing artery blood flow, and peripheral blood circulation,  alleviating fatigue and chronic pain, reducing blood pressure"  Shui S, et al.

What are Far-Infrared Waves?

Far-Infrared waves have a strong ability to interact with the water molecules in the human body; we're made up of 70% water.  They are invisible to the naked eye and electromagnetic in nature.  

Light Wave Spectrum

Light Wave Spectrum. Image: FIRMA Energy, used with permission.

Heat pads often damage the body because they are too hot or left on too long. FIR waves don't do any damage to other tissues because they have low energy and shallow penetration.

What Makes FIRMA Energy Fabric Unique?

  1. Other products preach similar benefits to FIRMA,  bu the "bioactive minerals will never wash out of the yarn are because they are intricately woven to be more durable and benefit the wearer" (FIRMA).
  2. FIRMA's unique use of polyamide 66 polymer combined with bioactive crystals creates an everlasting effect with machine washes as well it provides comfort as it is extremely soft to the touch.
  3. FIRMA is non-allergenic. It holds an Oeko-tex certificate meaning it is free of allergens or toxins.
  4. FIRMA is fashionable and stylish, other compression wear is often made with drab skin tone fabrics and is limited to medical usages.  They have a full-line of athletic and fashion wear that will get you outfitted from head to toe.
  5. Approved by Health Canada. Many of the compression products can be covered by your health benefits plan. A doctor's referral is recommend when seeking funding.

Benefits of FIRMA Energywear

FIRMA Energy wear increases microcirculation at the local level wherever the clothing is worn unlike saunas which effect the entire body. There's also the convenience of taking the infrared therapy benefits anywhere you go because it is wearable. 

There are secondary cosmetic and performance benefits. Cosmetic effects include increased collagen synthesis, skin elasticity, and skin smoothness leading to a healthier younger looking skin along with a reduction in the appearance of cellulite following regular wear.

From a performance stand point, FIRMA products increase body thermoregulation and lower muscle fatigue. There are sports and fitness instructors who wear FIRMA on a regular basis. One client really enjoys the leggings because it helps improve the circulation in her legs and reduce muscle aches.

Why Choose FIRMA?

Lifemoves chose to become a FIRMA retailer because we believe in the therapeutic benefits of far-infrared therapy wear, and because FIRMA is a local family-owned company that produces quality products.  

A big hit among clients with diabetes and other lower-leg circulation problems are the Circulation Socks.  This is because they don't feel like the classic "compression sock" which can be painful due to the striated pattern of the fabric. Buyers report that FIRMA's soft fabric doesn’t have the same painful lining effects on their skin as compression socks.  The Circulation Socks come in three lengths, several colours and two styles (banded or non-banded).  Most people choose the banded style for daily use and travel and non-banded for sleeping. 

Clients with osteoarthritis in their hands, especially thumbs find the wrist compression band helpful in relieving their pain. Sizing is chosen based on how much support is preferred.

FIRMA Wrist Compression Band. Photo: Kanu Lu

Personally, I was impressed with the ankle and knee band that I used during my 2017 Christmas break. Just before my holiday I slipped and fell on the ice, twisting my ankle and injuring the same knee. 

Unfortunately, it was difficult to focus on my rehabilitation because we were hosting and acting tour guides for family from overseas. This made for a very active holiday, which I managed to get through with less pain than anticipated thanks to FIRMA the knee and ankle compression bands I was using.

How to Buy Your Infrared-Therapy Apparel

If you're interested in learning more about FIRMA or feeling the fabric drop by Lifemoves in North Vancouver. You can try out the wide range of products in store and chat with us about why we support FIRMA. As well, we are able order anything from the FIRMA Energywear catalog and have shipped directly to you.

For those who prefer to shop-online or don't live in the Vancouver area, use the promo code: lifemoves at FIRMA Energywear to receive $5.00 off each item.


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