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Rehabilitative Benefits of Kinesio Taping

  Andrea Brennan, who recently joined Lifemoves© is a certified provider of the Kinesio Taping method which has become a worldwide treatment phenomenon within the sports medicine and athletic communities in recent years.  We will be introducing this treatment modality to our North Vancouver and Coquitlam locations. I have seen this therapeutic tape in a […]

Is Your Gym Exercise Contributing to Lower-Back Pain?

Senior Man Stretching After Run Sun

The leg press, seated row, lat-pulldown, seated leg curl and shoulder press have been favourite exercises of thousands of gym enthusiasts for many years. However, when done improperly they can lead to lower-back pain. Lower-back pain is a common complaint which has many different origins including exercise error. Repetitive poor lifting habits are often one of […]

Why Exercise is Better Than Cortisone

Knee Osteoarthritis

Overuse injuries are common in this day and age given that most of our jobs demand repetitive movement. Tendinopathies (more commonly known as “tendonitis”) occur when the tendon is overused and therefore becomes inflamed, painful and sometimes tethered or torn. Those who suffer from these injuries usually take anti-inflammatory medicine to manage the pain, seek […]

Training Respiratory Muscles to Increase Endurance

Recent discussion on the Grouse Grind® Facebook page made me curious as to whether or not Alternating Nostril Breathing (ANB) or Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) could lead to faster times up the mountain. The ultimate goal in endurance events is to be able to move faster at lower heart rates and lower ventilation rates while […]

How Kinesiologists Contribute to Successful Active Rehabilitation

Kinesiologists are gaining more recognition for their important contributions to helping people with chronic medical conditions, disabilities or musculoskeletal injuries, stay active for life. Working towards achieving the strength and movement you once possessed can be challenging. Since our bodies work as kinetic chains, injury or damage to one aspect throws it off as a […]