BC Athlete Wins BMO Skate Canada Jr 2010

BC Athlete Wins 2010 BMO Skate Canada Junior Nationals

Nearly two years ago Skate BC Figure Skating Coach Lorna Bauer referred one of her top male skaters to Lifemoves to improve his flexibility, aid his recovery and prevent injuries. Fascial Stretch Therapy has been an integral part of Liam Firus’ Figure Skating training program for nearly two years. Firus says, “Alfred has helped me become more flexible, and has also helped me stay free of injury as I train pretty intensely five days a week.”

On January 14th, Liam’s dedication to his sport and hard work paid off with a win at the BMO 2010 Skate Canada Junior Nationals. Lifemoves congratulates Liam for this outstanding accomplishment.

Alfred Ball

Practicing Kinesiologist | Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist | Clinical Pilates Instructor. He has worked in the health, fitness and rehabilitation industry for over 20 years. Alfred started Lifemoves in 2007 to provide exercise therapy and fitness programs for people with injuries, chronic diseases and disabilities. His focus as a Kinesiologist is to empower and to guide people to learn to move with more strength, confidence and ease.

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