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How to Easily Get Around Vancouver During the 2010 Olympics

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We have been having casual conversations with many of our clients over the last several months regarding their plans and concerns during February 2010. Although it is difficult to know exactly what the city will be like during this time, the 2010 Commerce Centre is anticipating the city to be buzzing with activity 24 hours a day.

Some of our clients are leaving town while others are kindly hosting volunteers or friends. Since Lifemoves is part of the 2010 Business Network, the 2010 Commerce Centre sends us periodic updates about transportation and other issues surrounding the
Lifemoves and Fitness World will be open during this time. Alfred is volunteering as an Anti-Doping Chaperone for the Biathlon from February 10th to 28th. Alfred will be available on a limited basis due to his volunteer schedule, while Sahba is taking one week off at the end of the month. We are booking for January and February NOW.
What does VANOC say?
Since we are located very close to Lion’s Gate Bridge, traffic is going to be affected. VANOC is encouraging people to take public transportation more, add additional travel time and change their work schedule (e.g. work from home if possible) during this time. While downtown is open, please join in the effort to reduce downtown and commuting traffic by 30%. Since most events happen in the afternoon, start work early and end early, or telecommute if possible.
There are many buses including the 240, 255, 239 which drop off right outside Fitness World if you are traveling East or just across the street when traveling West. Get accurate bus information and plan your route on the Translink website. Another way to stay active is to use your bike. Figure out your bike route during the Olympics at Getting Around.
Busting 2010 Travel Myths
  • Myth: All of downtown Vancouver will be closed to traffic
  • Fact: Some roads near venues will be closed for security, but most of downtown will be open. There will be some road network changes; have a look at the Games Time map to know what to expect during February 2010.
  • Myth: You will need a special pass to make deliveries around downtown
  • Fact: Local businesses will be able to make and receive deliveries 24 hours a day, but the City of Vancouver is recommending that all deliveries be planned between 12 midnight and 12 noon. Click here for more information on deliveries.
  • Myth: You will need a security pass to go through the Sea-to-Sky Highway
  • Fact: A Sea-to-Sky check point pass is required only if you are traveling northbound from 6am to 6pm. This is not a security pass; it is only to ensure that you have a guaranteed parking spot in Whistler. If you are a resident or business in Whistler, you will be issued passes. Click here for more information.
  • Myth: Pedestrian Corridors will be closed to traffic all day
  • Fact: In downtown Vancouver, pedestrian corridors will be in effect from noon to midnight only. Access for vehicles will be maintained between midnight and noon. Click here for more information on pedestrian corridors.
Republished from an email dated Dec 8th, 2009 from the 2010 Commerce Centre. Find out more information about getting around Vancouver.


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