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5 Minute Hip Stretch for People Who Sit All Day

Do you have a job that makes you sit most of the day? There are many known dangers of sitting too long including changes in our posture.  Sitting places more pressure on our spine than standing; this why we recommend that you get a sit-stand desk or take standing and walking breaks. 

Do you feel as though your body starts to slouch forward and your hips become stiff after sitting for long period of times? Some people develop lower-back and hip pain because of poor office set-up. Using the stand portion of a sit-stand desk can help alleviate some of this pain. If you don't have access to this type of desk take five minutes out of your day to try this stretch. Do it periodically throughout your day or as part of your bedtime routine. It will help you reduce the forward slouch so that you feel taller and more confident.

You may already know the common kneeling hip stretch, however this one developed by Stretch to Win is more effective.  Watch the video and read below for the instructions. If you are unable to kneel you can also do this one sitting sideways on a chair.

Ultimate Hip Opener Stretch

  1. Grab a pillow, rolled up towel or a double up workout mat to place underneath the knee on the side that is being stretched.
  2. Start in a kneeling lunge position. For this example start with your left leg in front and left thigh parallel to the ground. Right knee will be on the ground with the lower leg extended behind. Try not to kneel or put direct pressure on your knee cap (patella).
  3. Think of extending your spine up to the ceiling so that your torso is nice and tall and shoulders over your hips.
  4. Keeping your left leg and pelvis still, rotate your right leg so that your right foot is moved to the inside and to the left. This will open up some of the deeper hip flexors – Psoas and Illacus.
  5. To get more of the front line into the abdominals raise your right arm up the ceiling. If more stretch is needed reach further over your head to the right.
  6. Gently rock your right hip back and forth in smaller circles to get the undulation and increase the range of motion.
  7. Everyone tends to have a "tighter side." A good stretching ratio to start to even out the sides is to 2:1. Go to the tigther side, than looser, than return to tighter side.

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