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3 Easy Office Stretches That Benefit Your Work Day

Reduce Neck Pain with Office Stretches

Did you know myofascial pain can reduce your ability to concentrate? Headaches are often caused by trigger points. Prolonged postures such as being forward at a desk, anxiety and stress are perpetuating factors that lead to the inability to focus. I find that I am easily distracted and have a great deal of difficulty being engaged and focused on tasks that require some level of detail when my chest, shoulders and neck are tight.

Starting with unlocking the trigger points in the shoulders, chest, rotator cuff and neck (trigger point maps). Keep a tennis ball in your drawer at work. If you don’t have a lot of time and need some quick relief just do the stretches or trigger point release. These stretches will take about 5 minutes to complete and are a nice break.

1. Standing Doorway Chest Stretch

Place hand behind your head and your elbow against the door-frame. Keep your shoulder dropped down and relaxed. With your elbow fixed step into the doorway. Add traction by shifting your body away from the side you are stretching and lowering your hips. Feel this stretch in the front of the shoulders. Vary your hand position on the doorway until you feel the stretch in your chest. Step out of the doorway, lower your arm to the ground and repeat on the opposite side.

2. Opposite Arm-Pit Sniff Shoulder Stretch

place your right hand on the base of your skull. Gently lift up to lengthen your neck, adding traction your cervical spine. Tilt your head (ear to shoulder) to the right, then look towards your right armpit. Feel this stretch on the left side from the top of your shoulder to the base of your skull. Reach your left arm with your left palm down in the opposite direction towards the floor. When done continue to roll your head to the right, down to the middle and length back up. Repeat on the left side.

3. Ceiling Corner Neck Stretch

Place your hands on top of each other on your sternum (breast bone) and gently push your rib cage down. Now turn your head one direction then look up to the ceiling over your shoulder. Open and close your jaw.

The intensity of each stretch should be a mild level of tension without causing pain. Hold each stretch as you take nice long steady breaths inhaling and exhaling, letting go of the tension with each exhale. Repeat as you need and as long as you are continuing to get a release with gradual increases flexibility. End by stretching the tighter side.

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