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Stretch Tip – Optimal Length of Time to Hold a Stretch

In our April Quick Poll, we asked, “How long is the optimal amount of time to hold a stretch?” Not surprisingly, over 50% of people thought it was between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

It actually depends on your own body and previous flexibility training. You should hold each stretch until it releases. Use your breath as a guide.

Alfred Ball

CEO | Practicing Kinesiologist | Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist. He founded Lifemoves in 2007. He has been a Practicing Kinesiologist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the NSCA for over 15 years. When he isn't helping people regain their strength and confidence to move with ease he is hanging out with his wife and young son, writing, or training for his next endurance running race. His big audacious goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

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Anonymous - April 15, 2010 Reply

Can you elaborate on the breath? Some folks can have a controled and deep breath for several minutes, which perhaps is longer that nescesary. What happens to the breadth when the stretch releases?


Alfred Ball - July 25, 2010 Reply

Sorry it has taken so long to reply. We had trouble publishing your comment. In Stretch to Win, the breathing pattern is part of the stretch wave.

Long slow breathing promotes lasting changes in flexibility while faster breathing is connected with a more dynamic stretch which you use when warming-up for an activity.

Yes, it could be several minutes before it releases. You will have a deeper exhale when the fascial line lengthens.

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